HP Deskjet 1220c Printer series - Printer Takes a Long Time to Print a Job

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Printer Takes a Long Time to Print a Job

Check your system configuration

The minimum system configuration for your printer is 486-
66MHz with 24MB RAM. However, the printer performance is
optimized for Pentium machines.

There may be insufficient hard disk space in your system

For printing on 11"x17" paper, it is recommended that you should
have at least 50MB free hard disk space in your system. If you
are printing graphics-intensive files, make sure you have enough
(more than 50MB) hard disk space.

For Windows 98, if you are using a parallel connection, try

switching to a USB connection. For more information, see page 9.

There may be insufficient virtual memory in your system

Increase the size of your system’s virtual memory.

The PhotoREt option is disabled. If you are printing Best mode on

letter-sized HP Premium Photo Paper and have disabled the
PhotoREt option, you need at least 300MB free hard disk space
in your system, and the printer takes a longer time to print.

The port setting configuration in your system is not set to ECP

Refer to the manual that comes with your computer for
information on how to change your port setting or contact your
computer manufacturer.

A print cartridge may be low on ink

Replace the low ink print cartridge.