HP Deskjet 1220c Printer series - Nothing Is Printed

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Nothing Is Printed

Check the power

Make sure the power cord is connected firmly to the printer and
to a working outlet, and that the printer is turned on. The Power
light on the front panel of the printer should be lit.

Be patient

Complex documents containing many fonts, graphics, and/or
color photos take longer to begin printing. If the Power light is
blinking, the printer is processing information.

Check the paper

Make sure paper is loaded correctly in the tray and that the paper
is not jammed in the printer.

Check the print cartridges

Make sure that both the black and color print cartridges are
properly installed and that the access cover of the printer is
closed. The cartridge LED flashes if the print cartridges are not
installed correctly.

Try printing a sample page

Turn the printer off, and then back on. Press the Resume button
and release it when the Resume light starts to blink. If the sample
page prints, then the problem is not with the printer.

Check the printer setup

Make sure your HP DeskJet printer is selected as the current or
default printer and that

Pause Printing

is not checked.

Check the network setup

Make sure that your printer is properly set up in your network
environment. See

Use the printer on a network

on the “How Do I?”


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Toolbox help, and the documentation provided by your network