HP Deskjet 1220c Printer series - Using Your Printer on a Network

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Using Your Printer on a Network

Your printer can be shared in a network environment by connecting it
directly to a network via an optional HP JetDirect external print server.
For information about installation and setup of HP JetDirect print servers,
refer to your HP JetDirect Hardware and Software Installation Guides.

Note: Although alternate installation methods are described below, the Starter
CD is all you need to guide you through a shared printer installation.

Installing a network printer with the Add Printer

Add Printer

Add Printer

Add Printer command:

1. Click


, select


, and then select



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2. Double-click

Add Printer


3. In Windows 95/98, select

Network Printer


In Windows NT 4.0, select

Network Printer Server

, when prompted.

4. Type in the network path or queue name of the shared printer. Click


Have Disk…

option when prompted to select the printer model.

5. Click


and locate the HP1220C.INF file. This file contains the

printer name for you to select. The file is located on the Starter CD in
Windows\PCl3\winnt\enu or Windows\PCl3\win9x\enu. If you need
help, contact your System Administrator.

6. The

Installation Option

screen appears. Follow the instructions on

the screen to complete the PC configuration process.