HP Deskjet 1220c Printer series - Selecting and Loading Paper

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Selecting and Loading Paper

The printer prints on plain paper and most other types of paper. Most
plain paper used for photocopying yields good results.

Note: Paper does not need to be removed from the main bottom media tray when
using the alternative top media feed. The printer checks for paper feeding from
the alternative top media feed. If paper is detected, the printer picks paper from
there without checking the main bottom media tray.

Always use paper that conforms to the printer specifications.

Do not use media that is damaged, curled, or wrinkled. Do not

use paper with cutouts or perforations or paper that is heavily
textured or embossed.

Do not use multiple-part forms.

Load only one paper type at a time into any of the trays.

Except when using manual feed, load the paper print side down

with the right edge of the paper aligned against the right edge of
the tray.

Do not load more than 150 sheets of paper or 15 envelopes into

the main tray at one time. For the alternative top media feed, do
not load more than 10 sheets of paper or 3 envelopes. Load only
one sheet of paper into the manual feed tray.


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